Ema (chillies) in Bhutan

The Tibetan Heart Yoga (THY) series 3 is based on the practice of Inner Fire. This can be seen as a purification practice, where obstacles are being burned, to let new things come. We will turn this into a personal practice, where each of us will burn the afflictions that we need to get ridd of.

When our subtle body will be purified, the practice will take us to a new level: to incorporate the Four Infinite Thoughts. In Master Patanjali’s words (The Yoga Sutras):

I.32 Tat pratisheda-artham eka tattva abhyasah

I.33 Maitri karuna muditopekshanam sukha duhkha punya-apunya vishayanam bhavanatash chitta prasadanam

“…And if you wish to stop these obstacles, there is one, and only one, crucial practice for doing so. You must use kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Learn to keep your feelings in balance, whether something feels good or whether it hurts; whether something is enjoyable, or distasteful…”

Inner and Outer methods: We will work from the inside with our thoughts, meditations, intentions and ethics, and from the outside with our asana (poses) and breath.

Modern and ancient asanas will be combined. In this dynamic series, we will be working with the core and vigorous breath. The asana are not demanding, all levels are welcome! The most important aspect is where your mind is directed to.

“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.”
Khalil Gibran