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Tibetan Heart Yoga SPECIAL CLASSES: every last Friday of the month!!! info

Join me for this SPECIAL CLASS on the Yoga of Giving and Taking, also called the Yoga of Compassion.

Friday 28.10.2016
18:30 – 20:30
Yoga Garden München (Rumfordstrasse 4)
23 EUR

In this 2h class, we will explore the Tibetan Heart Yoga (THY) series 1, a series based on the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tong-Len (གཏོང་ལེན་, “Giving and Taking”). Throught this series, we will be TAKING away the suffering of others and GIVING the tools for them to be Happy. These tools are the six Perfections or “Paramittas”.

Inner and Outer methods: We will work from the inside with our thoughts, meditations, intentions and ethics, and from the outside with our asana (poses) and breath.

Modern and ancient asanas will be combined. In this series, the asana are not demanding, all levels are welcome! The most important aspect is where your mind is directed to.

This SPECIAL CLASS is intended as an introduction to the THY system for those who are new to it. And as an “always welcome THY practice” for those who are familiar to it.

The THY system is based on ancient Buddhist Wisdom rooted in a lineage started by Master Naropa and Niguma, yogis who lived around 1100 AD.
The combination of modern and ancient yoga asana (poses) and their corresponding meditation drives us to cultivate virtuous states of Mind and Heart. Yoga is not only physical exercise; it becomes a transformative spiritual daily practice.

“You cannot enter the door of yoga without kindness and compassion for others”.
Changkya, yoga teacher to the Emperor of China and His Holiness the seventh Dalai Lama.

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