Niguma Boucard psychotherapy yoga munich

Check these two events in July 2016: Tibetan Heart Yoga RETREAT and WEEKEND!


(The Lady Niguma series)

Every Friday 12:30 – 13:30

[ Friday 6.5.2016 class cancelled ]

[ Friday 27.5.2016 cancelled —> Tuesday 24.5.2016 class ]

at Wiener Platz, 6    (81667 Munich)

(next to the cafe “Little Rabbit’s room”, there is a door with the photo of the studio on it, the room is at the end of the “hof”, on the left)

12 € / session

 (10€ if you are Mitarbeiter/innen of Klinikum Rechts der Isar)
The room at Wiener Platz is beautiful, big, comfortable and has yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets, etc… No need to bring anything.
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